High-Quality, Stylish Louvre Roofs For Wholesale


Customers have different requirements for their space and property. Today, most people want properties that respond to their varying needs. And that is where opening roof systems become a preferential choice for exterior property locations.

Are you a construction supplier or distributor and searching for blind suppliers, window shutters supplier engineered louvre roofs for wholesale in Sydney? CW Systems is the premier wholesale distributor of Lumex opening roof systems across Australia.

It is a highly flexible choice for customers who want to bring natural elements to their environment. Learn what makes it a great deal for you to become the louvre roof distributor?

Lumex Louvred Opening Roofs

The Choice For A Smarter, Healthy Living

With Lumex, your customers get the option to combine the best of outdoor and indoor. They can enjoy the sunlight and fresh air in evenings and mornings better, regardless of the changing season. During winter, they can use the space for interior living with proper temperature, lighting, and airflow control.

This means that the customers get the choice of smarter, healthy living with Lumex products. In addition to the health benefits, they can achieve excellent energy efficiency with versatile products. The efficient control of exterior airflow and natural light can reflect significantly in your customers’ utility bills.

Engineered Products, Hassle-Free Operations

The aluminium louvres of the system can rotate up to 130 degrees, making the opening and closing of Lumex system hassle-free. The louvres have a trapezoid design that ensures no water enters the space once closed. Also, they feature a tapered top and flat bottom to ensure proper water drainage.

You may have apprehensions about the customer friendliness of the Lumex systems as an opening roof distributor in Sydney. Customers can choose either motorised or hand operable opening roofs and ensure hassle-free operations. Lumex has incorporated the modern technological advancements to the system, and people can operate it using the remote control or the mobile app. They can also set the hours of operations according to the time of the day or seasons.

Range Of window shutters Designs, Easy To Install

Lumex systems are available in different frame designs, including flat frames, box frames, sloping designs, and more. Additionally, customers can choose from a range of colour options.

For a detached space, the louvre system is available with a four-post design. For attached areas, customers have the option to choose louvre systems without posts, one post, or two posts based on their needs. The Lumex products are easy to install and need almost zero maintenance.

Improve The Value Of Property, Designed To Last

With the stylish designs, contribution to the wellbeing of the inhabitants, and energy efficiency results, Lumex systems add value to the properties of your customers. The aluminium products can amplify the appeal of any property architecture, from vintage styles or modern residential homes.

The high-quality manufacturing standards ensure excellent durability for the Lumex products. The product comes with two years defect-free guarantee, five years warranty for motor, transformer, and receiver, and ten years of powder coating warranty.

Why CW Systems?

As a wholesale roof systems supplier & window shutters supplier in Sydney for more than two decades, we know the challenges of retail distributors of the industry in providing superior service experience to their customers. At CW Systems, we have created a great ecosystem that helps our distributors to provide a seamless service experience to their customers. Other than this, our product also includes element flyscreen, external shutter, internal shutters & more.



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Give Your Customers The Lumex Perfection

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Is a louvre roof a pergola?
A louvre roof is not a pergola. Louvred roofs are roofs made using slanted horizontal slats that can be operated with a button. At the same time, a pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns supporting a roofing grid of beams and rafters.
Is the louvre roof waterproof?
In short, yes. Louvred roofs feature a unique design that makes them waterproof. They have an integrated gutter system that makes it easy for the rainwater to run off. Louvred roofs function like window blinds with a tongue and groove panel series that rotates to allow sun and shade as needed.