Your complete self guided online sales APP
with augmented reality for shutter visualisation.

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How can QuotAR help to grow your business…?

Helps engage with the end user during the quotation & consultation process

  • End user understands what they are purchasing.
  • Image based option selection to improve understanding.
  • Simple, easy to follow configuration flow.

Save time during the quotation / order process

  • Reduces time explaining options to the end client.
  • Minimises administration work.
  • Reduces double-entry from quotation to order.

Improves your staff product expertise

  • Image based option selection to improve understanding.
  • Warning notifications when orders are outside specifications.
  • Step by step guided flow.
  • Help icons along the way.

Improves order management & quoting

  • Information flow from quote to order is consistent.
  • Margin and sell price control.
  • Live quotation. Prepare quotation live onsite,
    and email it to the client, whilst still in their presence.
  • Stores customer details, and job notes which can be viewed by all throughout the order process.

Improves quote
/ lead conversion rates

  • A/R visualisation engages client emotions.
    • 90% of all purchases are emotional.
    • Reduces price consciousness
      in the purchasing decision.
  • View, monitor and follow-up quotations easily.

Makes your company look more substantial and professional

  • Add technology to your repertoire.
  • Improves branding.
  • Increases recommendations, and raving fans.

Watch the QuotAR App Video Demonstrations

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