What types of products do you sell?

CW Systems specialise in selling window and sun shading solutions – specifically blinds, shutters and opening roof systems. We offer a wide range of Basswood plantation shutters, Thermopoly plantation shutters, indoor blinds, pleated screens, fixed aluminium shutters, operable aluminium shutters, venetians, aluminium screening, retractable and opening roof systems.

We carry premium and exclusive brands made from top quality aluminium, basswood and state of the art engineered materials such as Thermo Tec and Thermo 25.
To learn more about types of ranges we stock, please visit our ‘Products’ page.

Does CW Systems sell directly to the public?

CW Systems are a wholesaler and manufacturer of high quality window furnishings; we do not sell to the public. We work with trusted distributors and can point you in the right direction of a local distributor. To find a distributor please fill out a form on our contact page.

How do I become a distributor?

To become a distributor you may call us on 02 9624 0700 to speak with our dedicated sales team, or simply fill out the form on our contact page.

We back every distributor from the man in a van to large retailers. We are known for our customisable products, short lead times, technical assistance, innovation, business support and delivering value to our network.

What valuable tools and services do CW Systems offer?

We provide marketing collateral, sales support and technical product knowledge to all our distributors.

Our website features an advanced online CORA platform to save you time and increase revenue while simplifying the buying process. We also offer a customisable AR APP to help you showcase products in real time, convert leads faster, and improve customer satisfaction. We supply top of the line samples crafted for quality, durability and style to give you confidence in selling and promoting your business. In addition to our automated selling tools, we also offer Newsletters and on-site Workshops providing our distributors with the latest industry knowledge, training, and sales support.

What is the CORA TRade HUB and how will this help my business?

Save time and sell faster with our CORA trade hub. Increase the size and frequency of orders with the wide range of resources on hand to offer the right products and upsell with personalised plans. With unique features like Live Order Tracking, Order Management System, and Live 3D Drawing, the Online Order system is designed to streamline the selling process and help you deliver value to your customers.s.

How do I know that my customers will be happy with the product?

We take pride and invest in our partnerships, products, and services.

To enhance customer satisfaction we provide handcrafted samples because we know that customers love seeing all their options and being able to visualise their choice in their home before purchasing. But if samples are not enough, we also offer an Online Ordering Systems that includes Live 3D Drawing, allowing you to present accurate and versatile imagery to help upsell your products and showcase the possibilities. This system guarantees customer satisfaction and produces superior results for your customers with check measure, confirmation and fitting categories.

Finally, with our NEW AR APP you will be able to harness the power of visualisation using compelling AR technology to showcase products and possibilities using the customer’s own living environment. The APP gives you access to virtual showrooms where customers can see the diverse range of products in their own home to ensure complete confidence and satisfaction.

Where can I read up on the product technical specifications and warranties?

We supply specification product manuals for all products, which can be sourced from the download portal in our Online Ordering System. Alternately, you may request a copy by emailing sales@cwsystems.com.au

How do I check ETA and dispatch status?

The fastest way to check ETA and dispatch status is to login to the trade portal online. Here you will find a dashboard with sales order breakdown. Alternatively you may contact us on 02 9624 0700 and press 2 for ETAs and dispatch info.

I need to change an order, who do I speak with?

If any issues arise with your order or you need to make changes, please email sales@cwsystems.com.au

Are CW products easy to install?

Yes, because our quality control extends to the installation process. However, we recommend that experienced professionals handle the install to ensure a desired outcome in a timely manner. Installers get the right measurements, give the customer the best advice and ensure that the installation is as good as the product. Correct installation also ensures the product operates properly and lasts which comes from experience.

Does CW custom colour and what is the process?

Yes. Once we have received the order form with the desired colour code, production matches the colour and sends a sample piece. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we send you or the customer the sample for final approval. Due to the detailed nature of custom colour matching, custom colour requests can expect increased lead time by 3 weeks.