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Stylish Wholesale Window Shutters And Blinds In Sydney

Offer superior-quality, stylish wholesale window furnishings shutters and blinds to your Sydney customers and make your business flourished.

Welcome to CW Systems – the destination for a comprehensive range of shading and window furnishing products in Australia. As a trusted window shutters supplier, we source the products from the leading manufacturers and offer them to our window furnishings distributors with a unified service.

At CW Systems, we have created a wholesale platform that helps our distributors not only to offer high-quality window furnishings supplier products but provide a superior service experience to their customers.


An Excellent Range Of Products

CW Systems offers a comprehensive range of shading and window furnishing products.
We choose the window furnishing products that ensure the optimal entry of exterior light, proper airflow, and add a unique appeal to properties.

You can choose the following types of products from us


Internal shutters


Internal blinds


Outdoor louvre shutters




Opening roofs



CW Systems offers a comprehensive range of shading and window furnishing products. We choose the products that ensure the optimal entry of exterior light, proper airflow, and add a unique appeal to properties.

From time to time, we expand our window furnishings product portfolio to give maximum choices to the customers of our window furnishings supplier. With more than 20 years of consistent quality and professional service, we became the preferred destination for wholesale blinds, plantation shutters for wholesale, and other shading products.

What Make Our window furnishings Products Different?


With a few decades of wholesale window furnishings supplier, we have established our own product selection standards and criteria to give the best products to the customers.

We offer internal shutters, lumex opening roof, element flyscreen, and more. To know more about our product, please browse the website or call us.

This means that we source and supply the shading and window furnishing products with the following characteristics:

An Excellent Range Of Products

We choose the products from the manufacturers after extensive quality checks and testing. This ensures excellent durability for all the shading and window furnishing products and avoids any costly call backs and repair.

All our products come with excellent customisation options based on the needs of the customers. They can choose a range of materials, designs, and colours to match with their property architecture.

The shading and window furnishing products are highly versatile and can fit almost all the property requirements. Importantly, these products are available in a range of sizes to match every window and door of the commercial and residential properties of your customers.

These engineered products need minimal maintenance, and you will find them easier to install at your customers’ properties.

Why CW Systems?

Our comprehensive wholesale ecosystem helps you to give a unified service experience to your customers. At CW Systems, we research innovative ways to help our window furnishings supplier  for providing superior service to their customers

You will find our wholesale network is the natural choice for superior customer engagement and satisfaction and long-term business relationship.

We offer our product in the areas of Brisbane, Melbourne, and many other places. To know more call us at 02 9624 0700.

The highlights of the wholesale ecosystem are the following


Tested, high-quality products


Comprehensive warehousing and logistics services


Consistent lead time


Dedicated online ordering platform


Sales support systems and tools


Timely technical support & assistance

We offer QuotAR – a product demonstration tool – to help our distributors to explain the products with 3D imaging, technical details, and much more. Your lead generation and marketing efforts are simplified with our AR app.

Enter Into An Ecosystem Of Countless Possibilities

Call us today on (02) 9624 0700 to make new meanings to your business relationships. Let’s optimise your sales performance and customer engagement for better business growth.


What are the most popular blinds at the moment?
The most popular blinds in Sydney are roller blinds. Combining style and functionality, these blinds are ideal for any home and window. They are available in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours, making it easy for you to choose the one that is the most suitable for your home.
Which is better, polymer or aluminium shutters?

Polymer shutters are a cost-effective, lightweight, and low-maintenance option, which makes them an ideal choice for windows that don’t require frequent use or are not exposed to harsh weather conditions. They also come in various colours and can easily complement any home decor. On the other hand, aluminium shutters are a more durable and reliable choice for outdoor applications.  Which of the two options is better depends on your requirements and preferences. 

How long does it take to order and install Modern louvre shutters?

The time it takes to order and install Modern Louvre shutters depends on the size of the window, the type of shutter you choose, and any special requirements you may have. Generally speaking, delivery  takes six to eight weeks after order depending on the order and the product that you are specifing.

Are outdoor shutters worth it?

Outdoor shutters provide numerous benefits, including increased privacy, enhanced security, added insulation value, energy savings, and better aesthetics. They can also help protect your home from strong winds, heavy rains, and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, outdoor shutters generally have a longer life expectancy than many other window treatments and provide a more stable layer of protection from the elements.