Stackable And Retractable Flyscreens For Wholesale

Element Flyscreens

Flyscreens are not just a choice for the residential and commercial properties in Australia but a great way to safeguard the health of the inhabitants and  keep pests out.

CW Systems offers an excellent range of stackable and retractable fly screens for wholesale to the window furnishing distributors in the country. If you are a retail seller of screening products, we welcome you to partner with us to expand your product portfolio. It is also a great choice for you to give superior customer experience using our wholesale ecosystem.

At CW Systems, we supply two variations of the Element Flyscreens: flat and pleated screens.


Pleated Mesh Flyscreens

The pleated  flyscreen solutions are an excellent choice for areas with larger openings. It is also a great fly protection choice when entertaining outdoors. These stackable products are available in different sizes, designs, and height to ideally fit the diverse requirements of your customers.

Your customers also can choose in different system options, including standard, zero, and vertical. Interestingly, the mesh range is suitable for both windows and doors

The wholesale pleated screens are available up to seven meters in width, making the Element products suitable for any outdoor or indoor space. The slimline frame of the pleated screens is made from anodised or powder-coated aluminium to ensure excellent durability. Regardless of the exterior applications, these screening solutions do not corrode and need limited maintenance.

The design of the Elements products gives an unrestricted view of the exterior while efficiently restricting the insects and pests. You can also install it along with French doors, stacker doors, bifold doors, timber sliding doors, pivot doors, entry doors, and alfresco rooms.

Advantages Of Pleated Screens


The product comes with a strong polyester mesh that gives a sturdy appeal to the screens.


It’s Australian made, powder-coated, and needs no painting.


As it only needs 32 mm reveal depth, the screen easily fits any door systems


The pleated design avoids any accidental walkthrough


The low track of the system prevents the risks of a tripping hazard


Flat Mesh Flyscreens

These are retractable flyscreens with a clear view design. Further, people can choose between two standardised and one vertical sliding designs. It comes with a standardised track and three different mesh types: fibreglass mesh, pet mesh, and midge mesh. Based on customer needs, these products can be customised to get the best results.

These wholesale retractable flyscreens are powder coated and available in five standard colours and four textured colours. With customisable  and suitable for width  up to 3000 mm, the customers can find Flat Mesh ideal for most of their door and window requirements

Advantages Of Flat Mesh


It prevents the entry of insects to the interior while allowing the natural light and airflow – for a healthy living.


The clear view design of it allows people to get an unobstructed exterior view from the interior. This also allows more natural light to the rooms and helps the properties to be energy efficient.


Since it can be pulled inside to the casement and retracted when required, people find it invisible when not in use and more practical.


The versatile product can fit various types of windows and doors. Further, they can be customised based on the specific requirements of the end-users.


The retractable screens are manufactured from high-quality materials and need minimal maintenance.

Why CW Systems?

We know the importance of creating an ecosystem that helps our flyscreen distributors to optimise sales performance and flourish.

At CW Systems, we have a proven distribution, sales, and support ecosystem that addresses all the challenges of our distributors and concerns of their customers.


Tested, high-quality products


Consistent lead time


Comprehensive warehousing and transportation


Dedicated online ordering platform


Sales support tools and applications


Timely technical support & assistance

Diversify Your Customer Offerings With CW Systems

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