Customer Service

Best service with the right people

Our team is geared towards taking care of the customers’ needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, and high-quality assistance throughout the entire process. We make it easy for you to grow your business!

Before, during and after the customer’s requirements are met, we continually apply the four characteristics of great customer service, promptness, politeness, professionalism and personalisation.

What we can do for you

Increasing conversions & leads
  • Capture customer details for tailored content
  • Review customer history on the OS to upsell and qualify lead
  • Maintain and manage current accounts more efficiently
  • Use our APP to understand buyer behaviour to start rewarding conversations
  • Large architectural project leads are distributed to customers
  • Use our APP to capture leads for smooth follow up
Product brand support
  • Direct your customers to brand channels to educate them on productse
  • You will be able to diversify your product portfolio with no risk through our proven brands
  • Enhance buying stages for current and prospective customers
Customer focused
  • Our products are bespoke and manufactured for each project
  • We have a dedicated Technical Support Team to help you install your products 
  • We offer personalised project support demonstrably increases conversions and improves customer retention
  • We have communication triggers to every step of the buying process to help you grow your business
  • We share data and sales tips to capture information needed to engage with customers
Reducing your costs
  • Save money on waste management
  • No spend on marketing needed as we provide you with brand collateral
  • We redistribute products which minimises your inventory level & spend
  • Let us store your products to keep your freight costs low
  • We have a dedicated technical support team, so you don’t waste time on additional education and research
  • Order smarter, sell faster with our new APP
  • Minimise order errors and create great PR for your business
Extensive product portfolio
  • We offer a large range of products to suit everyone’s needs
  • Expand your product portfolio with us as your business grows
  • R&D and quality approved so you are not required to expend your resources
  • We can offer your customers a variety of products to ensure you close the deal
  • You have access to our entire range on our FREE Online Ordering System
  • Opportunity to increase order size & frequency
  • We use Augmented Reality for project visualisation on all our products to maximise customer satisfaction
Ongoing education
  • We give you the tools to familiarise yourself with industry knowledge
  • With ongoing insights and training we can increase your marketing ability and sales approach at no additional expense
  • We share the knowledge necessary to grow your portfolio and improve your business practice
  • By attending our workshops and contributing to our product development you can network with like-minded professionals, improve your industry contacts and anticipate your oppositions move
  • Obtaining further education means you can further enhance your business brand and long-standing PR with current and prospective customers