High-Quality Wholesale Blinds & Shutters

Choose high-quality wholesale blinds and shutters from the leading distributors of window furnishings in Australia.

Leading Supplier

We import and distribute superior quality shading solutions and window furnishings by connecting with the leading manufacturers around the globe.

Product Range

We are proud of our unrivaled portfolio of brands because they are some of the best brands in the window furnishing and sun shading industry.

Best Brands, Sales Tools & Services

Growing your business MADE EASY!


Your complete self-guided online sales APP with augmented reality for Shutter Visualisation.

Become The Smartest

We make lasting relationships with our distributors by helping them to give superior service experience to their customers. With a portfolio of high-quality products, efficient processes, on-time communication, short lead times, product training, sales tools, and timely support, you will find the business easier than ever before.

Why CW Systems?

With leading brands, finest products, comprehensive supply and sales tools, service support, and more, your partnership with CW Systems will be a guided, smooth journey.

Broadest Range Of Products

As a leading distributor of wholesale window coverings and furnishings in Australia, we offer an enormous range of products from various brands. Be it custom-made window coverings or wholesale window furnishings, we design and size to satisfy the diverse requirements of your customers. We also offer element flyscreens, external shutters, internal shutters & more.

High-Quality Window And Roof Products

At CW Systems, we invest considerable time on sourcing the finest quality window and roof products. We have a comprehensive and proven quality control system at every stage of the product manufacturing and distribution process. By leaving no stone unturned, you will be pleased with reduced costly call backs and improved customer satisfaction




Hassle-Free Logistics & Warehousing

To help reduce your costs

CW Systems has warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane as well as an excellent logistics network across the country. We can store your goods until your project is ready, deliver it using our own delivery vehicles, or your installer can pick up the goods on the install day. With our own logistics network and professional workforce you will get the products delivered at the right time at the right location. Save on costs for storage and transport! And say goodbye to the hassles of logistics!


Consistent Quality

Reducing costly call backs

CW Systems has invested in its own quality control representatives within its production facilities to ensure quality is maintained to the highest possible standard.


Technical Support

To provide help when you need it

The dedicated technical support team at CW Systems is available to help customers at any time and create a hassle-free experience. Our team are on call at any time to answer your questions.  We give utmost priority to customer issues and provide quick solutions for any situation.


Online Ordering System

To make ordering easy

Ordering at CW Systems is a simple job that can be completed in a few clicks using our secured CORA Platform. Regardless if you are an installer or window furnishings distributor, our self-navigating ordering platform makes product selection easier than ever before. With online order tracking and management” and in-house customer support, you have greater control over your ordering processes.



To simplify business growth

We will help you to better engage with your customers using various tools, including QuotAR – a product demonstration app. The tool allows you to visualise our products to your customers in a super simple way and help them to understand the product better. At CW Systems, we make the jobs of our distributors easier and seamless to make your job easy.


We’re passionate about innovation

To help grow your business

At CW Systems’ we are constantly innovating to utilise technology to improve our distributors efficiency and make it easy for you to grow your business.  We have a dedicated research and development team developing and design new product innovations and provide our distributors the leading edge in the marketplace.


Consistent Lead Time

To easily meet deadlines

CW Systems is a leading window furnishings supplier with more than two decades of highly professional service. We make long-lasting relationships with our distributors through exceptional service and support, including accurate, consistent lead times. The end-to-end logistics from the manufacturer to the last-mile distribution helps us to be highly reliable and the preferred choice for our distributors.


We are Specialists

To make you an expert in your field

At CW Systems’ we strive to be specialists within our field. We are not a supplier of all things to everyone, but rather a specialist in products we feel we can be the best at.


our brands

We connect our distributors with the most reputed brands in the shading and window furnishing industry. We work closely with our suppliers (including plantation shutters wholesale manufacturers and opening roof makers) as well as our own manufacturing team to ensure every product is made to our specifications and meets all Australian standards.

We do extensive research and development to maintain a high level of customer acceptance, quality standards, innovation efforts, and reliability. We also ensure that each product has a unique brand identity in its category and leads by example.

Let’s Play A Win-Win Game

Call us today on (02) 9624 0700 with your questions – we want to hear from you. We pride ourselves on having a great, mutually beneficial, and healthy business relationship with our distributors.

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Where Can I Buy Wholesale Shutters & Blinds from?

If you require wholesale shutters and blinds, trust CW Systems. We are a leading wholesaler of blinds, shutters, and opening roof systems, dedicated to sourcing, and distributing high-quality window furnishings at the best price possible. Purchasing shutters and blinds from us provide you with quality products and customised support throughout the order procedure.