New!! ! Enhancing Style and Functionality!


Three game changing new features

    • External Pull Stick
      Introducing the new Ombra Pull Stick – a versatile accessory designed specifically for operating spring-controlled outdoor shades. The extendable handle of the Ombra Pull Stick allows users to effortlessly push or pull the weight bar, ensuring smooth operation every time. Crafted from UV-stabilized plastic, this pull stick is not only durable but also prevents any unsightly scratches on your shade’s powder coat surfaces.With its sleek black aluminum pole, the Ombra Pull Stick adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor shade setup. It comes complete with a convenient wall mountable bracket, allowing you to discreetly store the pull stick when not in use, ensuring a seamless and clutter-free outdoor space.
  • Ombra Awning Top StopsIntroducing the enhanced Integrated Top Stop & Funnel, combining the previous ‘Funnel’ and ‘Top Stop’ parts into one seamless piece. This integration reduces handling during assembly and installation, streamlining the process.

    The Integrated Top Stop & Funnel features an innovative locking mechanism that is activated by sliding the stop back and forth, effortlessly locking or unlocking it. The funnel incorporates a refined lead-in, facilitating the smooth and hassle-free insertion of the zip.


  • External Weight Bar Handle
    At Ombra, we are dedicated to constantly enhancing design and aesthetics. As part of our commitment, we proudly present the Ombra Branded Handle – an elegant accessory that perfectly complements your outdoor shades. The handle features a two-piece design, incorporating a cover cap to ensure a flawless, screw-free finish. Available in black, it seamlessly integrates with your shade system, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal. Elevate your outdoor experience with the stylish Ombra Branded Handle.