Introducing Versa Drape!


Versa Drapes is a revolutionary window furnishing that combines the stylishness of curtains with the functionality of blinds. Versa Drape is uniquely designed without any chains or weights so that you can walk through them anywhere whether it is open or closed. Their versatility means that they are easy to care for and low-maintenance.

Why Versa?

Timeless elegance: Versa drapes offer a soft stylish look and feel with evenly curved sections of fabric creating a symmetrical look.

Stylish fabric Options: Mix and match fabric colors available to match a variety of interior design spaces.  A wide range of fabric designs is available.

Flexibility: Versa Drape allows you to walk through the shade anywhere weather it is open or closed.

Light control: One curtain can provide both sheer and block options without intruding into the room.

Child and pet-friendly:  No cords or chains are attached to the drape meaning they are safe for kids and pets.

Easy care fabric:  Constructed from premium 100% polyester fabric versa drape can be cleaned easily in a 30-degree hand wash or dryclean.  Versa Drape is resistant to fading and soiling.

Made in Australia:  Made in Australia supporting local industry.

Increased window View: 12% stack back for more window view than regular curtain!

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