Importing Shutters

Apr 13, 2018How-to


The window furnishing industry is growing and so has product and importation expertise.

Although the market has been flooded with products, the CW Systems team believe that there has been a significant improvement of procedures, polices and experience in delivering quality products through importation.

Large wholesalers such as CW Systems have adapted to the market trends and incorporated tools to source and sell quality goods from China. This is because they are able to develop innovative ideas and import products through tailored manufacturing setups and processes for better management to ensure that all imported products are of the highest standard, then efficiently maintain a high quality standard.

This means that CW Systems is able to research, develop and control quality to ensure that their shutter range remains a premium product which outlives and outperforms other sun shading solutions.

As there has been growth in product expertise, quality control and development, high quality durable polymer products such as Ultra20 and Thermo25 are enabling shutters to retain premium market positioning. Improved manufacturing efficiency has also enabled the ability to reasonably and accurately price the product appropriately within the market.

Additionally, by offering a premium product at reasonable market value means that a larger audience is more likely to be able to purchase shutters, further expanding the interest of consumers in investing on window furnishings.